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Name:Queen Chrysalis
Birthdate:Feb 9
Name: Queen Chrysalis
Canon: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Info Link: Queen Chrysalis' Page at the My Little Pony Wiki | Changelings at the My Little Pony Wiki
Played By: [personal profile] mewtwowarrior
Places Played At:
[community profile] dear_mun

Places No Longer Played At:
[community profile] mayfield_rpg - Application

Queen Chrysalis' How's My Driving? Post

General How's My Driving? post for all of my characters.

Queen Chrysalis, the Changelings, and My Little Pony are owned by Hasbro. I do not own the character or the media they are from. This account is solely for roleplaying purposes and fun.

Any crit, questions, or comments about this character can be directed to [personal profile] mewtwowarrior or Queen Chrysalis' personal How's My Driving? post or posted to my general How's My Driving? post. Thanks!
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